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Gateway DSTG

DSTG (Digital Strategis Tactical Gateway) allows to connect ISDN networks with military standard digital networks. The gateway can work with networks compatible with STANAG 4206 and EUROCOM D/1 standards (including DeltaMux/DeltaCombiner extension). The gateway allows maximum 30 simulatanous connections (120 in extended version).
The device is connected to ISDN network by PRI interface (E1 - 2Mbit/s) with DSS1 protocol (Q.921/Q931). CAS interface available in extended version DSTG is connected to the tactical network by a multi-functional, configurable TDM interface which can work according to STANAG 4206 or EUDROCOM D/1 standards. Gateway can work at 256 kbps (16 channels each 16 kbps) up to 1024 kbps (32 channels each 32 kbps). 2048 kbps mode (64 channels each 32 kbps or 120 channels each 16kbps) is supported in the extended version.

Gateway capabilities:
--DSTG 4578--
• ISDN PRA(E1) 2Mbit/s interface(s):
    • electrical interface G.703/120Ω
    • optical interface with CMI coding, HDB-3 as option
    • G.704 framing
    • DSS1 (Q.921/Q.931) or CAS-DTMF protocol
    • 30/120 simulatanous connections
• Configurable TDM interface(s)
    • Configurable physical layer of STANAG 4210 or EUROCOM D/1 (B or C))
    • Configurable data link layer STANAG 4207 or EUROCOM D/1
    • Network layer: STANAG 4208…4211/EUROCOM D/1 (trunk/loop)
    • Network layer: Compability with DeltaMux and DeltaCombiner in selected modes
• Numbers conversion based on database as option
• PCM/CVSD transcoding
• Size: 250mm·180mm·411mm or standard rack 19 inch (2U high)
• Working temperatures 5°÷ +40°C (extended range available)
• Power feed: 27/48VDC (22÷72)