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Ethernet over Eurocom/STANAG4210 converter

The converter allows forwarding Ethernet frames over Eurocom B,C/STANAG4210 interface (256..4096kbit/s). The converter is designed to create Ethernet over Eurocom bridged connections between nodes with Ethernet interfaces (e.g. routers, switches).

Ethernet over EUROCOM/STANAG4210 converter features:
--EUROCOM converter board--
• Throughput: 256..4096 kbps
• Transmit Framed and Unframed Eurocom signal
• Forward Error Correction (channel coding)
• Eurocom/Stanag4210 interface:
    • Eurocom B type (data+clock only)
    • Eurocom C type (data only)
    • STANAG 4210 type (data only)
    • socket: D-SUB 9 female-type
• IEEE802.3 family standards on Ethernet port (10/100BaseT)
• Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol support
• MAC filtering (option)
• Configuration:
    • Command Line Protocol on Telnet port
    • HTTP
• Suppprt IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
• Box size: 103mm·126mm·31mm
• Power supply: DC +12V..+30, non-isolated, '-' connected to board’s earth --EUROCOM converter board--

Documents to download:

• Product Folder

• Usage examples

• User Manual

--EUROCOM converter board--
--EUROCOM converter board--