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Family of converters for the tactital line (EUROCOM/STANAG4206)

Family of devices designed to create connections between digital networks and military digital networks.
The family include the following kinds of equipments:

--EUROCOM converter box--
• Interface converters (raw data)
    • Eurocom B,C/RS-422
    • STANAG4210/Eurocom K/CD/RS-422
    • Eurocom/E1
    • Eurocom/USB

• Protocol converters
    • Link Layer Protocol Converter
    • STANAG4206/Eurocom D/1 - ISDN converter/gateway (DSTG)

• Equipment for tunneled connections:
    • Eurocom/E1 MD (extended)
    • Eurocom over Ethernet
    • Ethernet over Eurocom
    • Eurocom/USB --EUROCOM converter box-- --CD--

--DSTG 4578-- --DSTG 4578--