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MSB-2N Bit Error Rate Meter

MSB-2N Meter is a multifunctonal measurement device designed for testing quality of digital transmission with throughputs from 1bit/s to 10 Mbit/s. Measurement can be made using pseudo-random sequence or preprogrammed periodical sequence. Results are analized and can be displayed in different ways, for example as error counter or bit error rate. Meter allows measuring BER in either raw data or framed data. It recognizes different framings including G.704 or ATM G.804. The meter can be connected to multiple electrical interfaces: binary, G.703, EUROCOM D/1, STANAG 4210. Its design is very flexible, allowing new functionalities to be implemented very fast, without need for any harware changes.

MSB-2N capablilities:
• throughput: 1bit/s…12 Mbit/s
• can produce pseudo-random binary sequence of length up to 2^31-1, or use preprogrammed periodical sequence with length up to 32 bits
• displays results either as BER or error counter or erroed seconds
• controls integrity of sent data, check for synchronization looses
• can save results on PC (RS-232)
• capable of transmitting data in differnt modes:
   • no framing: raw data only
   • G.704 framing : data sent in configured slots of G.704 frame
   • ATM/E1 G.804/G.704 framing : data is sent in ATM cells with configured cell rate
   • ATM/I.432.1 cell-based system : data is sent in ATM cells with configured cell rate
   • ATM/I.432.1 structure: measurement data is sent in ATM cells information field in structured form, at programmed cell rate. MSB-2
• Electrical interfaces:
   • balanced binary (V.11/RS-422/EIA-530), with coding: NRZ, diphase, CMI, CMI+HDB3
   • G.703/120Ω (E1-2Mbit/s), G703/75Ω (E1-2Mbit/s, E2-8Mbit/s)
   • AMI 1Vpp (EUROCOM D/1) 64kbit/s…4Mbit/s
   • Diphase (STANAG 4210) 64kbit/s…4Mbit/s
• Control interfaces:
   • RS-232
   • Ethernet 10/100Base-T MSB-2
• Size 250mm x180mmx75mm
• Power supply: 20V…75V DC or 220AC (with external power supply adaptor)
• Working temperature -20° - +50°

MSB-2N data sheet