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Optical Converter KOE-4

Optical converter KOE-4 is a device designed to convert electric PRA (E1) 2Mbit/s interface (G.703/120Ω standard) into relevant optical signal for fiber transmission. The device allows different coding selection in the optical interface. Each chassis contains 4 fully independent converters.

Optical converter KOE-4
• Four fully independent converters;
• Electric interface: E1 2Mbit/s G.703/120Ω
    • basic E1 2Mbit/s G.703/120Ω
    • 256…2048 kbit/s biphase coding (STANAG 4210) as option
• Optical interface:
    • wave length 1300nm, 850nm as option
    • multilple coding standards (CMI, HDB-3, diphase and others)
    • MFM optical interface
• Remote management and configuration by Q2 interface
• Size: casette 19″ 1U
• Working temperature -40°÷ +50°C
• Power supply: 27VDC (22÷30)
Optical converter KOE-4