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RK-128 is designed for construction of digital cable lines of 64/128 kbit/s throughput, using single-paired cable of diameter from Ø0.6 to Ø1.0 (AWG23÷AWG17). RK-128 implements echo compensation technique for duplex transmission on single pair cable. The device has electricaly separated digital interface, of either EUROCOM D/1 standard (AMI 1Vpp) or STANAG 4210 diphase coding). RK-128 allows also to make voice connection with neighbouring RK-128 (via digital EOW or analog service channel).

• range: up to 14km for Ø1.0 cable
• digital interface: EUROCOM D/1 or STANAG 4210
• digital EOW channel 16 kbit/s with CVSD
• service analog voice chanel (allowed during line construction phase)
• remote management using Q2 interface
• two independent equipment Rk-128 in one chassis
• power supply: 27VDC (22÷30)
• working temperatures -30°÷ +60°C

RK-128 data sheet