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V5.2 ISDN Access Node

ISDN Access Node is designed to provide ISDN services for remote locations. Access Node can be connected to host Exchange using ISDN PRA interface (2Mbit/s E1), and to end users with 32 ISDN BRA interfaces (Uk0 or S0).

V5.2 ISDN Access Node
• Up to 32 subscriber lines
• S0 or Uk0 subscriber interface (requiring NT...)
• V5.2 interface to host Exchange (1xE1, 2xE1):
    • electrical G.703/120Ω
    • optical fiber with CMI coding, HDB-3 as option
• Implements following V5.2 (Q.965) protocols:
    • Control Protocol
    • Link Control Protocol
    • Bearer Channel Connection Protocol
    • Protection Protocol
• Management by host Exchange using V5.2 protocols
• Independent system monitoring by TCP/IP Telnet connection (via Ethernet interface)
• size: chassis 19″x3U
• Power supply: either -48VDC or 220VAC max. 160VA
• Enviromental working conditions:
    • Temperature -30°…+60°C
    • Humidity 0-95%
    • Resistant to vibration and tremble
    • Can be delivered in special chassis for outdoor placement