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Aplications for embedded systems

    In our devices, we often use use microprocessor systems, also known as embedded systems. Complex telecommunication algorithms and network protocols, usually need microcomputer systems with multi task operating systems for efficient implementation.

Depending on system's requiremests, we use:

   • Simple 8-bit systems (8051 family, Z80) with simple real time operating system

   • 32-bits RISC (ARM) based systems, with real time operating system

   • PC microcomputer (for example PC-104) based systems with customized LINUX OS

    We have number of software modules, allowing fast and efficient implementation of complex embedded systems. The modules include:

   • TCP/IP protocol stack
   • H.323 protocol stack
   • ISDN DSS1 (Q.921/Q.931) protocol stack
   • V5.2 (G.965) Access Node protocol stack
   • STANAG 4206/EUROCOM D/1 call control protcol stack