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          About company

    Zakład Produkcyjny "TEL-KA" has been founded in 1990. The company provides services in design, construction and production in electronics, telecommunication and information techonologies. Production profile includes specialized telcommunication devices, highly complex, all being of our own design. Most of the devices meets high mechanical and climate, military grade (Defensive Standard N.7, N.14) requirements.

   We specialize in:

   • Use of integrated mcroprocessor technique in design of complex devices.

   • Application of complex digital signal processing algorithms implemented in DSP uProcessors.

   • Application of complex digital signal processing algorithms implementedin programmable logic devices.

   • Hardware solutions implementations using CPLD, FPGA

   • Implementation of telecommunication systems using microprocessor technique and real time operating systems.

   •  Implementation of telecommunication systems using microcomputers, running Linux OS and proprietary software and hardware (including kernel device drivers).

   •  Realization of complex projects including protocol stacks implementation, signal processing, including projects for VoIP and ATM technologies

   • Design and construction of devices, highly resistant to enviromental factors, meeting very strict conditions of N.7 and n.14 Defensive Standards.

  The company has its own production section, with surface mount line. This kind of infrastructure allows us to minimize time between design and production of our devices. It also gives us full control over production stages, allowing us to assure best quality of our products.