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Zakład Produkcyjny TEL-KA was founded in 1990 as a privataly owned company
registered in the records of economic activity in Warsaw.
Up to year 2000 the company was named Zakład Projektowo-Wdrożeniowy TEL-KA
Since start, TEL-KA has been located in Warsaw district Ursynów.
Since start, the company specialized in design and construction of highly advanced telecommunication equipment.
Our first designs were families of fast telephony and primary-group modems
for channels of very high distortion level. The devices were disigned using advanced technology of digital signal processing implemented in DSP uProcessors and programmable logic devices CPLD and FPGA. Since then we have expanded our activity to other different regions, but still we deliver products of higest quality, designed and developed with most advanced technologies.

Over the years, we have made projects and implementation of
series of specialized telecommunication devices for:

• Ministy of National Defence, Republic of Poland
• Military Communication Works No. 1 in Zegrze
• Military Communication Works No. 2 in Czernica
• Military Communication Institute in Zegrze
• National Institute of Telecommunications in Miedzeszyn
• D.G.T. in Straszyn
• Institute for Nuclear Studies in Świerk near Otwock
• Radiotechnika MARKETING Sp. z o.o. in Wrocław
• Military Electonics Institute in Zielonka