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Company profile.

We provide out Customers with services which include design, construction and production in electronics, telecommunication and information techonologies.
TEL-KA specializes in design and construction of specialized telecommunication devices
using integrated microprocessor techniqe with digital signal processing.

We provide services in following fields :

   • Design and implementation of highly advanced electronic devices:

     •• Microprocessor based
     •• Using digital signal processing techniqe
     •• Implementing hardware solutions, based on programmable logic devices CPLD and FPGA
     •• Embedded systems technologies
     •• Implementing complex telecommunication protocols: ISDN/DSS1, VoIP, TCP/IP, ATM
     •• Using real time operating systems
     •• Using LINUX OS with custom kernel modifications
     •• Complex telecommunication devices (teletransmission, switching, gateways, measurement devices)
     •• Mechanical and climate resistent (up to N.14 Military Standart)

   • Information technologies projects:

     •• Digital signal processing software, implemented in DSP uProcessors
     •• Digital signal processing software, implemented in FPGA devices
     •• Microprocessor software, including real time systems
     •• Embedded software for ARM RISC microprocessors
     •• Embedded LINUX software, including custom kernel functions
     •• Telecommunication protocols implementation: DSS1, V5.2, H.323
     •• TCP/IP, UDP/IP applications

We deliver solution for our Partners by:

• TECHNICAL PROJECT of electric circut diagram and technical documentation
• PCB design and assembly in surface technology
• DEVICE PROTOTYPE, test serie and quality assurance tests